M.Com Banking and Insurance Management ANNAMALAI

Course information

  • Category: Post Graduation
  • Eligibility: Any Degree or an equivalent examinatioin
  • Goal: To utilize analytical and qualitative techniques in a banking setting
  • Scope:
    There are a lot of areas to explore for the students to opt for banking and insurance. Here are some areas where they will work in the future after completion of their respective degrees/ courses.
    MNCs (Banking, Insurance, and Finance sector)
    Freelancing (Consultant, Advisor, Strategist, Agent, Assistant, Marketing Agent, and more.

M.Com Banking and Insurance Management ANNAMALAI

M.Com. Banking & Insurance Management or Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance Management is a postgraduate Banking course. Banking and Insurance Management covers the study of the concepts of Banking, Accounting, Banking Law, Insurance Law, and Insurance Risk & Insurance Regulations, etc. In other words, M.Com. (Banking & Insurance Management) is a degree program in which, apart from a general course study in Commerce, the primary focus is on the systematic study of the concepts in the specialized subjects and topics related to Banking & Insurance industry. The course duration is two years and it is career orienting in nature that opens a lot of job scopes for them.


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
110 Management Concept 50 100
120 Financial Management 50 100
130 Management of Life Insurance 50 100
140 Banking, Insurance and Management Accounting 50 100
150 Banking Law & Practice 50 100


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
210 Management of Financial Services 50 100
220 Project Finance 50 100
230 Management of General Insurance 50 100
240 Bank Management 50 100
250 Business Law 50 100