Bachelor of Economics and Finance (Hons) - ODL

Course information

  • Category: Graduation
  • Eligibility: Pass in the Foundation program/ Foundation Program from an institution recognized by the Government of Malaysia by achieving a minimum CGPA of 2.00; or
    Pass in Diploma (Level 4, Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF)) from an institution recognized by the Government of Malaysia with a minimum CGPA of 2.00; or
    Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia.
  • Goal: Career Advancement in Economics and Finance
  • Scope: The program would provide a broad and flexible educational preparation for a range of professional, business-related careers in private and public enterprise and build skills and knowledge for a career in areas such as economics and financial services, funds management, treasury and financial markets, etc
    To provide students with a solid understanding of management theories allowing the application of various models to real world decision-making in a global context.
    To produce marketable graduates that clearly understand professional function, regulations and procedures.
    To train the students to solve complex economic and financial problems in various settings.
    To considerable scope for studies beyond business to broaden the overall educational experience.

Bachelor of Economics and Finance (Hons) - ODL

Bachelor of Economics and Finance (Hons) programme is designed to equip student with a thorough understanding of financial accounting and economics. Finance is taught as an application of Economics. This course is organized in terms of modules that emphasize both theory and relevant applications. The program offers a systematic exposure to tools with which the students can analyse financial markets, cost accounting and corporate financial strategic management.
The curriculum for the Bachelor of Economics and Finance has a mechanism built into it that requires the students to continue learning, gathering new information, and make use of the information to improve upon the technologies. It also helps students to broaden the sphere of technology applications, developing novel means of improving the financial condition, contributing to sustainable economy, to make new inventions for the betterment of the society and to utilize the learning to bring prosperity to the masses. On completion of the program, graduates will have an understanding of fundamental issues, debates and problems related to the operations of financial systems at both the micro and macro levels, in the context of national and global economies. They will be ready for a career in various accounting, finance and banking professions.College.


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
BBA 1113 Business English I 50 100
BEF 111 Personal Financial Planning 50 100
MPU3113/ MPU 3163 Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS)/ Malay Communication 50 100
MPU3123/ MPU 3173 Ethnic Relations/ Malaysian Studies 50 100
BBA 1153 Fundamental of Computer Principles & Programming 50 100
BEF 115 Business Mathematics 50 100
BEF 121 Introduction to Financial Accounting 50 100
BEF 122 Public Speaking 50 100
BBA 1233 Internet Fundamental & Applications 50 100
MPU 3232 Leadership Skills and Human Relation 50 100
BBA 1253 Business English II 50 100
BBA 1263 Sociology 50 100
BEF 131 Basic Marketing 50 100
BEF 132 Industrial Product Design and Innovation 50 100


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
BEF 133 Microeconomics 50 100
BEF 134 Organizational Management 50 100
BEF 241 Business Law 50 100
BEF 242 Organizational Behaviour 50 100
BEF 243 Operation Management 50 100
BEF 244 Basic Entrepreneurship 50 100
BEF 245 Financial Management 50 100
MPU 3342 Government and Public Policy Malaysia 50 100
MPU 3452 Community Service 50 100
BEF 252 Business Ethics 50 100
BEF 251 Cost Accounting 50 100
BEF 261 Professional Communication 50 100
BEF 262 Basic Econometric 50 100
BEF 263 Intermediate Macroeconomics 50 100


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
BEF 264 Development Economics 50 100
BEF 371 Corporate Finance 50 100
BEF 372 International Business 50 100
BEF 373 Econometrics 50 100
BEF 374 Strategic Management 50 100
BEF 375 International Economics 50 100
BEF 381 Money and Banking 50 100
BEF 382 Labour Economics 50 100
BEF 383 International Finance 50 100
BEF 384 Financial Markets and Institutions 50 100
BEF 385 Security Investment and Portfolio Management 50 100
BEF 391 Research Methods 50 100
BEF 392 Project Work 50 100