Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Network Technology and Cybersecurity) - ODL

Course information

  • Category: Graduation
  • Eligibility:
    Passed the Malaysian High School Certificate (STPM) with 2 full passes or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.0 AND credit in Mathematics at the Certificate of Education (SPM)level; or
    Passed the Matriculation program or a recognized Foundation with CGPA 2.0 and credit in Mathematics at SPM level; or
    Graduated Diploma in Computer Science, Information Systems. Information Technology, Software Engineering or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.5; *Candidates who obtained a CGPA below 2.5 but above 2.0 may be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment process; or
    Practice Diploma with a minimum CGPA 2.5 and credit in Mathematics at SPM level; or
    Graduated South Australian Matriculation (SAM) / Tertiary Entrance Exam (TEE) / Any other Australian Matriculation with minimum 50% or
    TER Other qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government
  • Goal:
    Embedded systems laboratories to develop real-time systems and we also offer training regarding the devlopment of hardware as well as resources with the help of advanced software development as well as simulation tools.
    We provide state-of-the-art facilities for, systems analysis, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and business intelligence and also to support the application areas of mechatronics, games technology and computer forensics and our laboratory is also well equipped.
  • Scope:
    Computer systems and network, establishes link between people and businesses on a global scale. Business and industry is dependent on diverse network technologies and there is a high demand for professionals for designing as well as efficiently managing network systems.
    Our technology-infused course comprises technology,security and networking modules and thus offers diverse job opprtunities for students. We also emphasize on the installation, operation, security and maintenance of computer systems as well as networks as far as business and industry is concerned.
    The course will equip the students with the essential skills for designing, implementing and managing systems effectively to ensure that people benefits from the use of these systems. This learning will also help the students to manage, design, implement, configure and operate secure networks on a professional footing and identify the threats to network security and formulate and implement defense strategies and mechanisms.

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Network Technology and Cybersecurity) - ODL

Graduates of this course will acquire the necessary skills required to manage a network and maintain its security. We also porovide laboratory facilities, for the study of key areas, such as, network operating systems,network management and network implementation.
This program offers a unique opportunity to learn about specialist security techniques and use real-world networking equipment in a security context. Students are also educated about market-leading Cisco Routing & Switching Techniques, security appliances, ethical hacking techniques, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing and data encryption technology.
This program also offers flexibility in the final year; with optional units including areas such as Server Windows 2008, Exchange, Administration and aVaried Catalog of Linux Administration/Unix Shell Scripting / Emerging Web Technologies and Cloud Computing/SAP Administration.


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
CNW-112 Computer Network 50 100
MPU 3113 Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS) (Local students) 50 100
MPU 3163 Malay Communication (International students) 50 100
IFA115 Internet Fundamentals & Applications 50 100
OPS-252 Operating System 50 100
ENG-111 Business English 50 100
WBT-123 Web Technology 50 100
WSA-381 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Administration 50 100
MPU 3123 Ethnic Relations 50 100
MPU 3173 Malaysian Studies 50 100
MPU 3232 Leadership Skills and Human Relations 50 100
HCI-131 HCI (Human Computer Interaction) 50 100
ECM-133 E-Commerce 50 100


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
DEL-244 Digital Electronics And Logic Design 50 100
ECM383 Computer Organization 50 100
MCM-253 Microprocessor & Microcontrollers 50 100
DMS-254 Database Management System 50 100
DCN-263 Data Communication & networking 50 100
VEP-391 Values & Ethics in profession 50 100
CUM-241 Introduction to C++ & UML 50 100
DSA-251 Data Structure & Algorithm 50 100
CBS -381 Cyber Security management 50 100
WLC-384 Wireless Communication 50 100
PM-261 Project Management 50 100


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
SAD-375 System Analysis and Design 50 100
IRT-242 Inter Routing Technology 50 100
LNXA-371 Linux Administration 50 100
FP -373 Final Year Project 50 100
CSLPA-372 Cyber Security Law & Policy Analysis 50 100
INM-373 Industrial Management 50 100
INM-373 Industrial Management 50 100
ART-374 Advance Routing Technology 50 100
IDE111 / IDE391 Industrial Training 50 100
AFI-373 Artificial Intelligence 50 100
AST-382 Advance Switching Technology & Trouble Shoot 50 100