Course information

  • Category: Post Graduation
  • Eligibility: Any Graduation of three years or four years from a recognized university after the secondary and Higher secondary. ie 10 + 2+ 3 / 4 years study. Admission will be confirmed based on the submitted previous qualifications.
  • Goal:
    The primary objective of Master of Education program is to prepare critically reflective teachers who are able to understand educational research and leverage it to improve the effectiveness of their teaching practice through the creation of optimal teaching environments for all students.   • To demonstrate knowledge of teaching and research techniques in field of specialization.   • To provide social skills and responsibilities to work as engaged professional educators in building learning communities into the future.   • To built students as professional Educators which will help them to conduct research professionally and ethically in the field of education.
  • Scope:
    Curriculum Developer
    Head of the section
    Head of the Department.
    Educational administrators
    Lead Teacher
    Guidance counsellors
    Secondary teachers


The Master of Education is a well-balanced programme designed to impart knowledge in Education along with specialization in Human Behaviour and Community organization. Individuals looking to work in the field of education but outside of the traditional classroom may opt for the specialization for more information. The programs prepare students for advanced positions in a variety of educational fields which will be not limited to the traditional K–12 classroom environment.Through flexible format of the course the student can learn their schedule easily on their own. The multimedia tools have the potential to enhance curriculum engagement that allowing students to participate in the creation outside the classroom will encourage creativity and increase excitement.

The programme prepares the students to understand and formulate education policy and its practice, while developing a better understanding of contemporary issues and challenges, and future directions in the field of education. The programme is an advanced degree, both in and outside the classroom, which provides greater career options and the opportunity for a higher salary. There are many specialty areas available in education at the master's degree level and choosing one will determines the jobs graduates can expect when they complete their degree. For successful completion of Masters degree in LUC, each candidate should publish minimum of Two research articles in scopus indexed journals, with Lincoln affiliation.


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
MEDU 1113 Psychological Foundation of Education 40 100
MEDU 1123 Research and Writing Education 40 100
MEDU 1133 Information Technology In Education 40 100
MEDU 1143 Theories in Education 40 100
MEDU(C I) 1213 Curriculum & Instruction- Educational Psychology 40 100
MEDU(ELM) 1213 Leading Educational Change and Improvement 40 100
MEDU(ELM) 1223 Researching Educational Leadership and Management 40 100
MEDU(ELM) 1243 Mentoring and Coaching 40 100
MEDU(C I) 1223 Cultural & Educational Policy Studies for higher education 40 100


Subject Code Subject Marks Total Credit
MEDU(C I) 1233 Fundamentals and Principles of Curriculum Design 40 100
MEDU(C I) 1243 Educational organization & Management 40 100
MEDU(ELM) 1233 Policy, Strategy and Resources in Education 40 100
MEDU 1253 Research Methodology 40 100
MEDU 1323 Educational Administration 40 100
MEDU 1313 Philosophical & Sociological Foundations of Education 40 100
MEDU 1343 Project Work 1 40 100
MEDU 1333 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 40 100
MEDU 2413 Psychology of Education 40 100
MEDU 2423 Project Work 2 40 100